How Much Does a Web Design Cost in 2016?

Web design cost can be anything from free to as expensive as you can afford. In other words, the cost is determined by various factors, and it also depends on what you want your site to contain. Nonetheless, it can still be difficult to nail down a precise web design cost. Today, we will look at four major websites and its web design cost as to examine what you can expect to spend.
web design cost

Simple, Informational, Business Website

This kind of website is composed of 1-10 pages and is ideal for start-ups or small business. If you go for a simple website, you need to consider the ease with which it can be expanded or upgraded in the future should your business grow or when the need to add more features arises. This can be realistic for small businesses as the web design cost is affordable.

This kind of website may include features such as Social Media links and feeds, Email newsletter signup, and blog. This web design cost can range between $1,000 and $10,000.

Mid-size, Informational, Business Website

With 10-20 pages, this kind of website is primarily informational and has all the aspects of the simple website, but with extra sub-pages and options. If you’re considering, redesigning or refreshing your simple website, or you want to develop a dedicated online presence, a mid-size website is ideal for you. The web design cost can set you back $11,000 – $20,000.

Simple, E-commerce, Business Website

If yours is an e-commerce business or a company with more traffic, more information to disseminate, a considerable range of products, or if you need more functionality, this kind of website is ideal for you. It could also be a refresher website for an organization that is ready for something bigger and more dynamic. The web design cost of this site would be something between $2,000 and $15000.

Mid-size, E-Commerce Website

This kind of website includes all the aspects of the simple E-commerce website, but with extra sub-pages and options. With 40-50 pages, it’s ideal for big organizations or established online brands. The web design cost is from $16,000 – $40,000.


It’s important to understand average web design cost to help you budget appropriately for the website you need. Web design cost largely depends on the features and the design of the site you have in mind, plus the experience level of who builds the website.



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