10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Website Design Company

web design company

1. What Do I Need to Get Started With Web Design?

A web design company will often tell you what you need, and what is required from you, including pictures, website concept, ect.

2. How Much Would Web Design Services Cost Me?

A web design company may be affordable, but this all depends on what kind of package you will choose. It’s smart to ask if there will also be reoccurring charges.

3. How Can I Trust Your Web Design Company?

A web design company typically will have customer reviews on their site. A good company will show reviews good or bad, but will also have a record with the Better Business Bureau that grades businesses along different standards.

4. Can You Provide Examples of Other Websites You’ve Designed?

A web design company should have examples of various sites they designed. Besides the design aspect, you should look at its performance.

5. Do You Have Proven Case Studies that Provide Performance Increases?

When a web design company says it can provide results then don’t just take their word for it. Have the web design company prove it to you from past clients who have proven results.

6. What Strategies Will You Use to Generate Income For My Website?

A web design company should have your best interest at heart to not only make your site look great, but also proven strategies to make your website money.

7. What Happens If I Don’t Like the Initial Web Design?

A good web design company will typically have sign-offs for every step of the process to ensure you are satisfied with the design aspect. It is important to check with the web design company what their policy is on this.

8. Will My Website Be Built to Expand if My Business Grows?

You should be able to find out the scalability for your website for when your business grows. This is an important aspect for a web design company to answer.

9. My Company Already Has an Established Brand, Will My Website Have the Same Consistent Look?

You should maintain your brand consistency and ask if the web design company how they plan to work around your existing market strategy.

10. Will My IP Address Be Unique?

A website design company can give you a unique IP address that can score high on search engines and work well for sending emails as this won’t be considered a spam website.

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