How Much Does a Web Design Cost in 2016?

Web design cost can be anything from free to as expensive as you can afford. In other words, the cost is determined by various factors, and it also depends on what you want your site to contain. Nonetheless, it can still be difficult to nail down a precise web design cost. Today, we will look at four major websites and its web design cost as to examine what you can expect to spend.
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Simple, Informational, Business Website

This kind of website is composed of 1-10 pages and is ideal for start-ups or small business. If you go for a simple website, you need to consider the ease with which it can be expanded or upgraded in the future should your business grow or when the need to add more features arises. This can be realistic for small businesses as the web design cost is affordable.

This kind of website may include features such as Social Media links and feeds, Email newsletter signup, and blog. This web design cost can range between $1,000 and $10,000.

Mid-size, Informational, Business Website

With 10-20 pages, this kind of website is primarily informational and has all the aspects of the simple website, but with extra sub-pages and options. If you’re considering, redesigning or refreshing your simple website, or you want to develop a dedicated online presence, a mid-size website is ideal for you. The web design cost can set you back $11,000 – $20,000.

Simple, E-commerce, Business Website

If yours is an e-commerce business or a company with more traffic, more information to disseminate, a considerable range of products, or if you need more functionality, this kind of website is ideal for you. It could also be a refresher website for an organization that is ready for something bigger and more dynamic. The web design cost of this site would be something between $2,000 and $15000.

Mid-size, E-Commerce Website

This kind of website includes all the aspects of the simple E-commerce website, but with extra sub-pages and options. With 40-50 pages, it’s ideal for big organizations or established online brands. The web design cost is from $16,000 – $40,000.


It’s important to understand average web design cost to help you budget appropriately for the website you need. Web design cost largely depends on the features and the design of the site you have in mind, plus the experience level of who builds the website.



10 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Website Design Company

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1. What Do I Need to Get Started With Web Design?

A web design company will often tell you what you need, and what is required from you, including pictures, website concept, ect.

2. How Much Would Web Design Services Cost Me?

A web design company may be affordable, but this all depends on what kind of package you will choose. It’s smart to ask if there will also be reoccurring charges.

3. How Can I Trust Your Web Design Company?

A web design company typically will have customer reviews on their site. A good company will show reviews good or bad, but will also have a record with the Better Business Bureau that grades businesses along different standards.

4. Can You Provide Examples of Other Websites You’ve Designed?

A web design company should have examples of various sites they designed. Besides the design aspect, you should look at its performance.

5. Do You Have Proven Case Studies that Provide Performance Increases?

When a web design company says it can provide results then don’t just take their word for it. Have the web design company prove it to you from past clients who have proven results.

6. What Strategies Will You Use to Generate Income For My Website?

A web design company should have your best interest at heart to not only make your site look great, but also proven strategies to make your website money.

7. What Happens If I Don’t Like the Initial Web Design?

A good web design company will typically have sign-offs for every step of the process to ensure you are satisfied with the design aspect. It is important to check with the web design company what their policy is on this.

8. Will My Website Be Built to Expand if My Business Grows?

You should be able to find out the scalability for your website for when your business grows. This is an important aspect for a web design company to answer.

9. My Company Already Has an Established Brand, Will My Website Have the Same Consistent Look?

You should maintain your brand consistency and ask if the web design company how they plan to work around your existing market strategy.

10. Will My IP Address Be Unique?

A website design company can give you a unique IP address that can score high on search engines and work well for sending emails as this won’t be considered a spam website.

5 Questions Your Web Designer Should Ask You

No matter how great of a web designer you are, you must still satisfy your clients with their expectations, not just your own. That’s why you need to have a clear understanding of the project by asking your client important questions, such as the following.

Web Designer

1. Why do you need a website?

The most basic information you need to get from the client is the main purpose of the website, since not all sites operate from the same premise. It could be for many different reasons such as:

  • just a hobby
  • a basic hub that connects with several online properties
  • an elaborate SEO-driven content site
  • a place mainly to collect leads from email
  • an attractive brochure of your business

2. What is your business model?

If you don’t know your client’s business model, it can adversely affect development deadlines and customer satisfaction. Make sure you have a basic understanding of not only the industry, but the company itself. When the web designer and client are not on the same page, it can lead to endless revisions.

3. Who is your target audience?

The reason target audience is so important is that successful SEO is built on using appropriate keywords that a target audience will use in search engines. Target audience applies to:

  • demographics: age, income level, gender, ethnicity, etc.
  • geographic location
  • customer familiarity with the industry and products or services

4. Who are your competitors?

It is critical for a web designer to know who they are competing with in terms of style and content. Competing sites can be used as strong references for what to measure against in terms of quality and quantity of web pages. You also don’t want to use the exact same keywords or content as established competitors, which can cause the site to get lost in the shuffle of search results.

5. What type of website style are you looking for?

This is a tricky question because your client may not know that too much style and not enough substance may cause a site to be ignored by search engines. So at least ask the question and if the client needs to be informed about SEO, be sure to offer the facts without sounding like you’re trying to take control of their image. Sometimes style comes down to personal taste and sometimes it will be up to the web designer to make all the decisions.

Finding The Best Web Designers In Atlanta

As a small business owner, selecting the best web designers in Atlanta is a critical decision. Per, a good website that caters to your market can generate additional business whereas a bad site can drive away potential clients. There are many factors to consider when searching for the best web designers in Atlanta including:

  • Availability
  • Estimated costs
  • Maintenance after the initial design
  • Personal feelings toward the designer
  • Questions they ask you

best web designers in atlanta

Availability Of Web Designers

Always discuss your deadlines at the very beginning with the best web designers in Atlanta to ensure they are able to meet them. The best web designers in Atlanta are already booked on other projects for the next month so you may have to wait for a specific web designer. If you do not have a specific deadline then conduct a brainstorming session with the designer to develop a realistic working deadline that can be met.

Estimated Costs Of Web Designers

Although the best web designers in Atlanta may not be able to give you an estimated cost until you discuss the content and associated features on the site, it never hurts to ask. Quality website layouts from the best web designers in Atlanta run from $2,500 to $5,000 for a simple option. Adding additional features could increase the price.

Maintenance after the Initial Design

Ask the best web designers in Atlanta if they will continue to maintain the site following the initial design and launch as well as any associated costs to do so. Some of the best web designers in Atlanta wish to create new sties but do not want to maintain them.

Personal Feelings toward the Designer

However, with regards to the best web designers in Atlanta, you want to get a feel for whom you are awarding the job. Ask yourself, do you like the designer? Do you believe that they will act ethically? Do you enjoy speaking with them? If yes, then your gut is guiding you correctly.

Questions they ask you

As important as it is for you to ask the right questions, you must also pay attention to how much they ask you about the operation to determine if they are the best web designers in Atlanta. If they are going to design a site for your business, they must know it intimately to be effective.

Mobile First Web Page Design: Fast And Clean

Every business can benefit from an effective web page. Now, with the increasing use of mobile devices to access webpages, designers are relying on mobile first web page design to reach a larger audience. Although there are a few downsides to taking this approach, none of them negatively impact users. In fact, because they are using their mobile device to browse websites, your web page should be designed with mobile first in mind.

web page design

Creating A New Web Page Design

If you are thinking about creating a new web page or considering a completely new design for it, mobile first web design can give your page the advantage of convenience, especially when it comes to word of mouth advertising. It happens often; you see a billboard, hear an advertisement on the radio, or someone tells you about a company you should research. You try to look them up online, but the site doesn’t work with your mobile device, so you decide to wait until you can check it out on a computer. Unfortunately, by then, the name of the business and website address has escaped you. With your own business, you won’t have to worry about that. When you use mobile first web page design, customers and potential customers will be able to access your company’s website right from their mobile device.

Advantages Of Web Page Design

One of the main advantages of using mobile first web page design is that you can prevent and eliminate issues that normally plague mobile device users. Most users experience issues with compatibility. They try to access a web page and it tells them it isn’t supported on their browser type or device. Those issues and other minor issues that end up becoming major problems are ironed out ahead of time, before the web page actually goes live. Before you contact a web page designer, you want to make sure that they are qualified and trained to handle those concerns. You also want a designer who can create and work with CSS on mobile devices. They will be limited on how they complete the web page design. Some features that might not be available include certain colors, styles, and tools. In this case, your web designer should be able to use what is available to them to make your page as effective as it would be if it were first creative for a full screen or computer.

Know What You Want With Your Web Page Design

To make your web page design go smoothly, know exactly what you want while also remaining flexible and open to suggestions that will increase web traffic. Having a detailed idea of what you want your page to look like is the best way to communicate to your chosen designer what your brand is. That is an element you definitely want your web page design to encompass. You also want your page to include everything a page meant for computer browsers would include, except it needs to be mobile friendly. When customers access your site, they should be able to buy, ask questions, register, log in, and navigate through all pages available. If you already have a template to guide your web page design, it will be simple to include these tools.

Choosing A Designer For Your Web Page Design

Before you decide on a designer, you should keep in mind that your web page design will be based on mobile first. As a result, whomever you choose needs to take the time to make your web page design compatible for all devices, as similar as possible to a computer browser page, and feature the ins and outs your customers need to have a successful, efficient, and pleasant browsing experience and transaction completion. Keep your customers in mind.